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You only need to one account, after that you use the same account to apply to attend multiple events, if you already have an account please just log in above.

Please note: Each Applicant must have a separate account, though the same email address can be used for multiple accounts.

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  2. This Registration Database and the Application Form collect information (including health information) about you.
  3. The information is collected -
    1. to decide whether you may be included in the event(s) for which you apply;
    2. to make arrangements for your participation and welfare should you be included in the event(s);
    3. to enable the organisers of the event(s) to plan for and organise the running of the event(s).
  4. The information you provide on the Medical and Dietary sections will be used by those responsible for your welfare or medical treatment at the event(s) and access to that information will be restricted and disclosed accordingly.
  5. Subject to paragraph (c), the information collected will be used by authorised event staff for the purposes stated in paragraph (b).
  6. The information is collected by and will be held by Scouts Australia.
  7. You have rights to access the personal information held about you and where necessary correct any information held.
  8. At any time before you attend the event(s) you are permitted to request that your data is removed from our database, with a right to be forgotten, please contact to request your data be removed
  9. Your data is only used by Scouts Australia and the event organisers (which often will be another National Scout Organisation), it will never be sold or given to a third-party.
  10. Our IT provider is an Australian Company, Round Table Software P/L, ABN: 39 139 381 954. Your data is stored in a secure Data Centre located in Brisbane, Australia.
  11. Photographs will be taken at the event(s) and may be used for publicity and marketing of Scouting events.
  12. Our Data Protection Officer is the International Commissioner of Australia, Scouts Australia, they can be contacted by emailing
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